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There has been a lot of stuff going on at Out of Step Arts here in the last little bit. I’ve been adding new books and original art to the store, you can buy shirts with designs from the artists in the OOSA Bodega, and now, the OOSA Print Shop is open where you can buy high quality print-on-demand fine art Giclee prints. We have several prints available already and we’ll be adding more all of the time, including some from a few of our friends!

So to help get the word out about all of these great things being offered to you by the OOSA artists and to celebrate our upcoming 3-year anniversary, I want to give you an opportunity to get free stuff! It’s easy, all you have to do is share this post.  

How it works:

  • Anyone who reblogs this post will be entered for a chance to win a free print from the Print Shop. “Likes” are appreciated, but they won’t get you entered in the contest.
  • On 8/1/14, I’ll randomly select three (3) people as winners. Winners will be notified via Tumblr, so be sure you have your ask or mail features activated. 
  • The three people selected will let me know which print they want based on what is in the Print Shop at the time the contest ends. We have currently have 7 prints, but plan on adding more. (*Some restrictions may apply, but I doubt it.)
  • I’ll mail you your print for free worldwide! Winners will not incur any costs or fees.  
  • If the person(s) selected cannot be contacted via tumblr, do(es) not respond timely, or declines, another person(s) will be be chosen.

Not bad for clicking a button, huh? 

Out of Step Arts features Alexis Ziritt, Nathan Fox, Logan Faerber, Ming Doyle, Andrew MacLean, Toby Cypress, Liz Suburbia, Paul Maybury, Chris Visions and Greg Ruth. 

You can find OOSA on Twitter, Instagram and online at

Thanks for getting the word out about OOSA. Your help is certainly appreciated. Good luck!

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potterheadousada, pilzmaus, manuel-neuer-passion and anonymous requested: manuel neuer + emoji

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As i mentioned I might do, I have launched an indiegogo campaign to collect funds to repair/replace the laptop.

The laptop I use for all business related work broke down yesterday. It is a common issue with the 2011 MacBook Pro, but it’s nothing that Apple thinks warrants a replacement program. You can read more about the issues here.

What it comes down to is that it will cost me £500 to repair it, because the logic board needs to be replaced. It’s a huge cost for such a small business as mine, and nothing I had budgeted for! At this point, getting a refurbished iMac is also an option, because it will cost roughly as much as it would to repair the macbook. Without a working computer, I simply can’t work. The plan was to get the fall/winter collection available for preorders on Sep 1, but that doesn’t look very likely right now unless something happens. I also have clients who are expecting deliveries from me that I can’t complete now. I have an older laptop that I can use for staying on top of emails, orders, and other communication, but it can’t handle any more demanding software like photoshop or illustrator (the pictures in this post were edited using online software)

The total I need to raise is £500. If you want to contribute by placing an order in the shop instead, that is totally fine, but if you contribute to the campaign you can get stuff that isn’t (and will never be) available through the shop.

the “perks” are

  • £1: shoutout on a special thank you page on the Earl Foolish website
  • £5: Earl Foolish logotype patch
  • £10: sketch commission
  • £15: lighthouse patch
  • £20: patch bundle - logotype patch, lighthouse patch, new patch (not yet designed)
  • £25: hand made tote bag
  • £30: two picks from the FW14 collection
  • £40: goodie bag bundle - all three patches, tote bag, smal jewelry item (lucky dip)
  • £100: bespoke piece of jewelry

I might add more perks, especially in the gap between £40-£100 but this was what I could come up with right now. Feel free to come with suggestions! The reason there is very little digital work in the list of perks is because I can’t do that stuff without a working computer!

FInd the campaign here!

Thank you everyone who has contributed so far! The amount raised is now £230, meaning it’s just a little over half the way to go!

If you’ve got something in mind that you’d like to see as a perk, let me know and I might add it to the list.

thank you xx


Deep in Sea… | Deep Sea
by AnubisDHL & xTh13teeNx

Make sure you click the links on the titles so you can see the original animations in full glory, with music and sound effects.

Took me forever to convert this into gifs but i think it was worth it. Not even gonna comment on the feels this brings, so sad yet so beautiful… Always in our hearts Piers <3

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dear god, let it be enough

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So cool

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God is with me, even when everything else leaves.